For nearly seven decades, the Daniels and Zermack team has progressively expanded our capabilities so we can offer you a full range of services tailored to your project needs.

The result for you is a finished facility, thoroughly functional and attractive, and built to a precise understanding of your business wants and needs.Creative innovation tempered with functional realism is the philosophical foundation of every project we do at Daniels and Zermack.

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Planning Services

The problems of space are inevitable companions of business growth. Helping individual organizations plan for timely and orderly growth in meeting space demands is a specialty of Daniels and Zermack. A typical planning study program includes:

  • a thorough examination of current staff and their space needs;
  • projections of future staffing and space requirements; and
  • a comprehensive evaluation of present and proposed sites and facilities.

A complete and detailed consideration of alternate approaches – including expansion, remodeling, or improvements of existing structures as well as replacement with new structures – is presented in a finished planning report stating all findings, recommendations, and alternates with opinions of their probable cost.

Other types of studies can involve branch locations, alternative site evaluations, or any type of facility question that may require a decision by the board.

Retail Design Consulting

Daniels and Zermack’s experience in designing customer environments is extensive. It has been gained from over 50 years of planning banking centers and several years designing convenience stores and branded food outlets:

  • We understand customers and their reactions to placement, appearance, and signage.
  • We are expert in brand identification and reinforcement both outside the building and within.
  • We relate to the difficult process of marketing services rather than physical products.
  • We know how to design effective custom displays and where to find special equipment.

We have available to us the inLighten retail marketing system, a silent, video-based news and advertising service which can be used in lobbies and places where people wait. In addition to entertainment, your business messages can be displayed as video posters, acquainting customers with other services you offer.

Site Planning

Site layout is a particular skill at Daniels and Zermack, especially when dealing with the requirements of drive-up service. Pedestrian and vehicular interactions must be managed for safety of customers and staff. Planning of automobile traffic flows and the reactions of drivers is a major component of our site planning activities.

Items to be considered in the layout are:

  • entrances and exits;
  • parking placement;
  • drive-up route, stacking, and exit; and
  • approval of local and traffic authorities.

Placement of drive-up ATMs is a particular concern, as routes need to be clear and visible, particularly after dark.

Architectural Services

Designing an effective and appropriate facility requires a thorough knowledge of the uses to which the building will be put. The architects and designers of Daniels and Zermack listen to your management, staff, and other users to find out how they relate to the building.

The context of the building is also taken into consideration so that the building will be appropriate to its surrounding community. Projects involving additions or remodeling require sensitive handling, particularly if historic structures are involved.

Our knowledge of organizational structures helps us to create an efficient design to fit your needs:

  • We listen and learn about your organization.
  • We know how to design efficient layouts.
  • We design in context.
  • We design with energy efficiency in mind.


Interior Design Services

Continuity of design is essential to maintaining a good public impression. It can be enhanced if the design of interior space is fully coordinated with the architectural design. At Daniels and Zermack, our professional interior designers work closely with the architects to plan interior spaces, furnishings and finishes.

An exceptional level of detail is provided in planning each systems workstation for the needs of the particular occupant. We regularly select, specify, and procure:

  • carpets,
  • wall-coverings,
  • window treatments,
  • furniture, and
  • accessories needed to complete your project.

All items to be purchased for the project are presented to and approved by you before ordering.

Our comprehensive interior design program includes everything from selection, specification, and purchase (at significant discounts) of furnishings, to supervision of installation and the placement of finishing touches.

Finishing Services

“God is in the details.” So said Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the architectural giant. In addition to complete planning and design, the Daniels and Zermack team follows up with additional services including:

  • integrating special equipment,
  • custom designing built-in cabinetry,
  • landscaping and irrigation systems, and
  • interior and exterior identification and directional signs.

We have searched out and purchased historic building elements such as fireplace surrounds and check stands to give an authentic period look to a new facility. In some cases we have re-used and incorporated building elements from structures that were removed to make room for the new construction.

Artwork Services

Daniels and Zermack has utilized the services of various artisans to create special artworks and sculptures to suit the spaces and promote the interests of the local communities of our client organizations. We have commissioned such artworks as:

  • a sculpture of the Indian chief for whom the town was named;
  • a mural of the historic waterfront area of the city;
  • a series of drawings of buildings in the area, both historic and demolished;
  • a display summarizing the history of the settlers of the area; and
  • historic re-creations of old equipment such as brass teller wickets.

All of these items serve to finish the building project and lend continuity of design. By allowing us to coordinate these elements, we can achieve the best possible prices from suppliers.

Project Management

Daniels and Zermack’s experienced architectural project managers can coordinate and manage all aspects of the project from planning to completion. The efforts of all team members, including surveyors, various engineers, designers and craftspeople, are directed to achieve the final desired result.

Preparation of thorough construction documents and the use of the best local contractors are the keys to accurate bidding and quality building.

Cost control is a continuing process that begins with conceptual estimating and finishes when the project is complete. Our project management services have included an amazing array of tasks – they needed to be done so our people took care of them. Tasks may range from dealing with environmental problems and municipal reviews – with the abundance of paperwork required at the beginning of a project – up to dealing with caterers for the grand opening party. We invite you to challenge us with your project management needs.

Sustainable Design

As a LEED Accredited design firm, Daniels and Zermack can streamline your LEED-certified building process. Sustainable building has proven to offer numerous benefits to your business.

Considering that we spend 80–90% of our time indoors, design changes can improve the indoor air quality (IAQ) for a healthier building environment. Studies show that focusing on IAQ will improve worker productivity, reduce absenteeism, lead to lower turnover, and decrease liability.

Buildings consume 68% of all electricity in the U.S. We can increase your building’s energy efficiency and significantly reduce operating costs by integrating sustainable features into your building design. We have the knowledge and experience to assure that the benefits of green design will be fully integrated in a whole-building approach, resulting in a healthier, more productive work environment that gives back to the community.

The Team

Daniels and Zermack’s staff has an unusually high level of professional experience. Each project is led by a principal-in-charge, and staff is assigned to the entire duration of that project to achieve a consistent vision and clear communication with the client. This staff is adept at fully integrating the thousands of requirements and considerations necessary for the success of your building project, and of providing you with an exceptional service experience.

Beyond meeting your functional needs, our goal as architects and interior designers is to design a facility to be an excellent place to work, learn or do business in. We insist that your finished project make you smile every day and make you proud. Moreover, our team strives to make the experience of conducting the project as enjoyable as the final product is beautiful.

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Our firm’s principals are:

Seth Penchansky, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Daniel E. Whisler, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP BD+C

Seth Penchansky, AIA, LEED AP BD+CDaniel E. Whisler, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP BD+C